Women’s Gathering – London – 28th & 29th March 2015

At the first Breaking the Frame gathering in 2014, women started developing a feminist
analysis of the intersection between gender and the politics of technology and how it impacts on all aspects of our lives, e.g. in food production, work, surveillance, digital
technology, and health.

At this event we will continue that process, focusing on reproductive technologies. Public
debate in this area has mainly been framed as science versus religious reaction, which
tends to ignore any feminist analysis. We shall be asking: are these technologies of
benefit to women, and if so, which women, or do they risk our health and integrate our
bodies further into the patriarchal capitalist system?

Join us to explore the issues with an outstanding set of speakers:

  • Jalna Hanmer and Stevienna de Saille on the radical feminist analysis of reproductive technologies
  • Rahila Gupta on sex selection and abortion
  • Donna Dickenson and Carolin Shurr on international and commercial surrogacy
  • Miriam Zoll on the impact of IVF on women

Saturday March 28th 7pm – Sunday March 29th 5pm, 2015
The Feminist Library meeting room
5 Westminster Bridge Road, London SE1 7XW.

Venue is disabled accessible, recommended minimum donation £5
All self-defining women welcome. Cheap vegan food.

Printable Flyer

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