About us

Breaking the Frame first started with the Breaking the Frame Gathering in 2014, which aimed to create a deeper understanding of the politics of technology.  Since then we have organised a number of events and public meetings, including a second 4-day gathering in 2015.

We are called Breaking the Frame for two reasons:

1) We believe there is an underlying politics of technology which connects various political issues — from how our food is produced, to the freedom of the internet, to nuclear power and many other concerns.

These debates are currently framed as if they are completely separate and unrelated.

Our aim is to change this.

2) ‘Breaking the Frame’ alludes to the tactics of the Luddites — 19th-century English textile workers who smashed the new machines (called ‘frames’) which were destroying their trade and their communities.

Luddism is not about being ‘against technology’ though — that’s a history written by the victorious industrialists! The Luddites only broke machines which they thought were ‘hurtful to Commonality’, ie damaging to the common good. (For more on Luddism, see www.luddites200.org.uk)

You don’t have to call yourself ‘a Luddite’ to be involved either — more than 20 organisation and trusts supported the 2014 Gathering, including Corporate Watch, Gaia Foundation and Scientists for Global Responsibility.

Read more about the ideas behind the first Breaking the Frame Gathering

We aim to strengthen existing campaigns and launch new ones. If you’d like to get involved or are interested in becoming part of the network — or if you just want to find out more — please get in touch by emailing info@breakingtheframe.org.uk

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