Breaking the Frame Gathering – July 2015 – videos and audio recordings

July 9-12 2015, Unstone Grange, Derbyshire.

Organised by CorporateWatch, Scientists for Global Responsibility, Luddites200 and others.

Opening comments

Dave King opening & Jim Thomas from ETC Group on Skype

Panel discussion: Dave King, Dave Derby and Barbara Jones

1: Dave King – Luddites200

2: Dave Darby – Low Impact Living Initiative

3: Barbara Jones –

4: Dave Darby (Q&A response)

5: Barbara Jones and Dave Darby (Q&A responses)

6: Dave King – (Q&A response)

Workshop: Straw Bale Building

Barbara Jones –

Part 1:

Part 2:

Workshop: The Commons

Tim Flitcroft – Commons Rising

Women’s panel (anonymous speakers)

First speaker

The first panellist spoke about technology as a system of social control, largely in the hands of men (the male gender role).

Second speaker

The second panellist spoke about hormonal birth control, with reference to the book and forthcoming documentary film ‘Sweetening The Pill’.

Part 1:

The short trailer for the documentary was shown at this point:

The speaker then continued to discuss the issues around birth control pills:

Part 2:

Third speaker

The third panellist talked about food and technology in the context of gender.

She discussed how the domestic work of women is devalued in developing countries as a result of mainstream agricultural choices about technological pathways, which – as they are driven by the Neoliberal capitalist system – represent ideological systems of value and prioritise particular types of knowledge and particular people.

Fourth speaker

The fourth speaker talked about online bullying


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