Big data: state, corporate and social surveillance – London – NEW DATE TBC

Interrogating Digital Capitalism: A series of monthly events questioning liberal ideas of progress through technology

Digital technology powers neoliberal capitalism: it is central to globalisation, financialisation, the ‘flexible economy’, ongoing waves of automation and now, ‘big data capitalism’.

Liberals and many leftists assume that the problem is not the technology, but its abuse by corporations, the military and the state. But what if we are in a techno-social regime, in which these interests shape technology – and technology, in turn, shapes capitalism in a way that reinforces itself?

What if we are in a digital technocracy in which cybernetic principles of information capture and flexible control are becoming embedded throughout society? What if it is not just a matter of ‘rescuing the digital baby from the capitalist bathwater’?

Join us at this series of monthly events looking at current challenges raised by digital capitalism.

Event 5 – Big data: state, corporate and social surveillance

The digital system has now reached the point at which thousands of pieces of information about individuals, culled from social networks and elsewhere, can be created to produce profiles which, it is claimed, can accurately and reliably predict our behaviour.

Both corporations and the state use this to target us with messages that manipulate our subconscious and conscious emotions.

Join us as we discuss the future of democracy and freedom in a world where right-wing authoritarianism combines with big data.

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