Breaking the Frame Gathering – Derbyshire – July 9-12 2015

BREAKING THE FRAME 2: Second Gathering on the Politics of Technology, July 9-12 2015, Unstone Grange, Derbyshire.

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Organised by CorporateWatch, Scientists for Global Responsibility, Luddites200 and others

Come to BTF2 for a fresh conversation on the politics of technology. Join us in July for 3 days of workshops and campaign planning, plus music, food by Veggies, walking in the beautiful Derbyshire countryside, hands-on activities and more.

Draft programme / Article in the Ecologist

We live in a world dominated by technology and by systems created by technical experts. So whether it’s where your food and energy comes from or if there is a right to privacy, almost everything in life is profoundly shaped by those technologies.

Technologies do bring some genuine benefits, but because their design is almost entirely controlled by corporate and military technical elites, they tend to reinforce corporate power and destroy the environment. This technocratic system always leaves us scrambling to react to eg. fracking, GM food, drones, nukes and surveillance with single-issue campaigns. So it’s time for a more joined-up, proactive approach to technology that addresses the common causes of those problems.

  • What would democratic control of technology look like?
  • How can we develop technology to serve real needs and protect the planet?

There will be panels on basic technology politics/technocracy, democratic control of technology, alternative technology and the transition to an economically just and sustainable society.

Workshops run by leading campaign groups will focus on the technology politics of food, the workplace, privacy/policing, gender, energy, health, militarism, mining/infrastructure, etc. Click here for the draft programme.

Breaking The Frame is based on the idea that everyone has the right to take part in decisions about technology, and that is crucial to creating an economically just and sustainable society. For more on the ideas behind the gathering click here.

Last year’s gathering was supported by more than 20 organisations. Whether you’re a technology politics campaigner, trade unionist, environmentalist, critical scientist, developer of alternative technology, artist or plain concerned citizen, Breaking the Frame is not to be missed.

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Places are limited, so you’ll need to book in advance. We aim to ensure that no-one is excluded for reasons of cost. There is an online booking system, with a printable booking form option.

Info from the 2014 gathering:

BTF 2015 Flyer 1

BTF 2015 Flyer 2

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