Grunwick and Lucas 40 Years On: Union Rights, Workers’ Control – Belfast – 15th August 2016


6:30 pm - 9:30 pm


Just Books
22 Berry Street, Belfast, BT1 1FS
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Screening of The Year of the Beaver and The Lucas Plan, with discussion and talks.

Thursday, August 18th, 630pm at Just Books, 22 Berry Street, BT1 1FS Belfast.

There will be a speaker from BTF and discussion coordinated by the Just Books collective.

1976 was a high tide of workers’ struggle and the year it all began to change. Giving the lie to racist and sexist myths that Asian women were submissive and would work for a pittance, workers at the Grunwick plant in Willesden rallied the left behind their struggle for the right to join a union. At the Lucas Aerospace arms company, the Shops Stewards’ Combine Committee took the fight to the bosses, with their workers’ Alternative Plan for socially useful production.

In 2016 we are still facing the fiction of ‘foreigners taking our jobs’. In the face of climate change and militarism, we again need industrial conversion, from fossil fuels and Trident to renewables, and to stop the bosses replacing our jobs with robots. Join us for 2 films and discussion, showing how workers’ rights and ideas are crucial to facing those challenges.

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Save the date for the Lucas Plan 40th Anniversary Conference in Birmingham Saturday November 26th – more information soon at

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